Acapella Waiters

Acapella Waiters

Acapella Waiters is one of our most popular type of performances since we formed has been our singing waiters act. It’s a unique and memorable feature which leaves guests amazed that the waiters for the duration of the event were actually the entertainment the whole time.

We’ve wanted to launch another sideline on this theme alongside our usual Acafellas performances. We’ve put our acapella twist on the more common singing waiters act with Acapella Waiters.

We are glad to announce that we have now launched ‘Acapella Waiters‘ officially since this option has been so popular with wedding and corporate event bookings nationwide.

What are Acapella Waiters?

Acapella waiters are hidden within the existing catering team at your event, Initially posing as staff for as long as required. They’ll be pouring drinks, handing our canapés, serving courses and clearing tables. That is until the time when they need to reveal that they are singers. This could happen gradually, with more and more outrageous antics going before their urge to sing or a single incident which cues the singing. It could be:

  • An ‘Accidental’ fall to divert attention
  • Outrageous un-waiter like antics
  • Staff arguments
  • Drinking on the job!
  • Cleaning the venue during the event

…Or all of the above. Extremely enjoyable to see your guests faces if you’re in on it, fun for the guests when they realise what’s been going on, and we love it too!

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