How much does it cost to hire the Acafellas?

As you can see from our website, we offer various options and packages depending on the type of your event. Costs can vary depending on location and which options you require. Please contact us with the details and we can give you an accurate quote.

What type of events to you cover?

Anything. We’ve performed at many different type of events from weddings, birthdays, festivals, engagements, theatre shows, corporate events, product launches, Promotions, Bar Mitzvah’s, etc.

What areas to you cover? Will you travel?

We are based in Norwich, Norfolk UK and happy to travel nationwide and worldwide for any type of event.

What are your space / equipment requirements?

We need a minimum of 5 metres wide x 2 metres deep with access to power for our PA and microphone systems. A PA system is used due to many of our sounds (primarily the bass and vocal percussion) being too quiet for large rooms. We also ask that there is a suitable dedicated area for us to change, put our belongings etc. Toilet areas are not suitable.

Can I use your PA for speeches and/or backing music?

We will supply backing music for between our sets and if we are required to set up early then we only ask a small charge as a contribution towards the use of our equipment. A lead for use with an iPod or similar can be supplied.

How long does it take you to set up?

We generally ask that we have access 1.5 hours before the performance time to set up and sound check. Sometimes we understand that it is not always possible to sound check. If you require a special setup arrangement then please get in contact.

Do you do requests?

We can do requests with enough notice. Acapella is very different to a standard band learning a song. We have to re-arrange all the parts to work vocally and spend the time to learn and rehearse requests. Special requests are  subject to an additional fee depending on the complexity of the song. We would ask that we are given as much notice as possible to learn a request. Requests on the day aren’t possible unfortunately… unless we already know them! An example of our set list can be found here.

Does there have to be 4 of you? Can you do it with a smaller line up?

We will usually always perform as a 4-piece group. Our arrangements are written for 4 parts. If we are booked for workshops then will use a minimum of 2 members to run these sessions.

Do we need to provide food / drinks?

Yes please! As you can imagine we can be at a venue for some time and we do ask that, as a minimum, soft drinks are provided. If you are having canapés,  buffet, etc then we hope we are welcome to partake in these. Otherwise if we are with you for the evening then please provision for food and drink for 4 people and this can be as nice as a 3 course meal or a finger food buffet.

How do I book the Acafellas?

Please contact us with the date, venue and as much information about the event as possible so that we can give you an accurate quote and our availability. We will then send our contract to be signed and returned with a non-refundable deposit of approx. 10%.

Payments can be made by BACS, cheque, or cash. Payment of the balance should be cleared 7 days before the event.