The Acafellas can provide the perfect surprise entertainment without your guests suspecting a thing! 

singing waiters

Imagine the surprise when the ‘waiters’ suddenly start performing. The Acafellas can blend in perfectly, looking the same as the real waiters or catering team and cause no suspicion as they clear tables, serve food and speak with your  guests. Whilst being waiters is not their profession, the Acafellas are trained to serve with true professionalism until the right moment comes. Or they can add some cheeky fun into the service as comedy waiters, as they attempt to wind up guests, serve odd canapés and generally cause some mischief as they interact with the guests.They will then reveal as singers to entertain your guests after dinner.

A popular choice is our ‘waiters crash’ involving a comedy fall, dropping the wedding cake (an alternative- not the real one!) or generally making a scene for a fantastic comedy and music show. We can tailor the performance to suit your event posing as staff, maintenance men, cleaners and/or guests before the performance to make it something your guests will never forget!

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